Italy Trip report May 25 - June 5, 2007
Natalie & Chris's first Anniversary in Italy: May 2007
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Lake Garda continued...
During dinner we befriended a lovely couple who were admiring our dessert. They ordered it as well. We ended up
chatting over drinks for an hour. They were from LA and were talking with us about their kids our pets at home and
our trip planning. The husband loves to extensively plan their vacations and was laughing about my 70 page
PowerPoint presentation including all our trip details. Apparently he travels like that. He mentioned a great guidebook
which I hadn’t heard of and even went to his room and got it for me to read overnight. It was interesting! During our
conversation they very casually mentioned there daughter writes for one of my favorite TV shows. I had remembered
her name which was hyphenated and very common. And just for fun, last night we googled them; turns out the
husband who we were dining and chatting with that night founded HBO pictures and headed Tri-Star making movies
like Jerry Maguire and American Beauty. Unbelievable! They were such a nice, friendly and normal couple. We were
elated last night when we found out. We saw them during the rest of our trip and they always said hello asking how
our night was. Amazing!

After dinner, upon returning to our room, there was a pillow on our bed with embroidery of our dog which is a cavalier
king charles spaniel. We looked at each other thinking, how on earth is this pillow HERE. Then we remembered
during dinner saying we missed him and telling the couple from LA what breed we had. So the hotel staff put the
pillow in our room so that we could sleep with our dog like we do back home. As if that wasn’t enough, when we went
to the bathroom they had put roses everywhere including in our actual toilet bowl. I took pictures of course hehe.

Our second night we ate at La Tortuga. Our hotel shuttled us back
and forth (for free). It was a lovely charming restaurant with very
good food.

The lake is large and we stayed on the west side. We walked around the neighboring towns which had some shops.
It was very quiet and beautiful. It was quite unique and a nice change a pace because Venice was busy and Tuscany
was quite intense as well. My husband adored this hotel and area. I was surprised because he tends to shy away
from over the top luxuries. I think he enjoyed the outstanding service and peaceful atmosphere which is very different
than New York City life.

                                 Magnificent views!!!!

Upon departing, I took a bottle of water from the “free” mini bar for the road. As we got downstairs to checkout, they
had prepared a little goodbye bag for us with two bottles of water. They knew we were traveling to another
destination and we agreed it was very thoughtful of them. SEVEN star service (service in another class completely)!!

I would love to return again, staying two nights was a treat, but 3 or 4 nights would be magical.
We ate at the Villa the first night. I wish we ate there both nights it was really our best dinner
of our trip. We ordered a bottle of wine which we discovered later that was never charged to
our bill. We had a five course tasting menu. It was superb! Duck, rabbit, ravioli, etc...
Dessert was so unique I plan to email them for the recipe. During dinner they served an
olive pate with homemade bread sticks which was so delicious we ordered more. While
speaking with the maitre d we thanked him and expressed just how memorable our meal
was. He offered for us to meet the chef, tour the kitchen and wine cellar. We gladly accepted
and were thrilled to have a sneak peak behind the scenes. The chef showed me the olive
pate that I loved so much mentioning the easy recipe which I was happy to hear. They even
sent extra olive pate to our room for a midnight snack! My husband loves chocolate milk and
they would send warm chocolate milk to the room for him to enjoy.
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