We have returned from our glorious 10 day anniversary trip to Italy including three
nights in Venice, 2 nights in Lake Garda and 5 nights in Tuscany.

We had help planning our trip from numerous wonderful people on www.fodors.com.  
Italy Trip report May 25 - June 5, 2007
Property Listing
Natalie & Chris's first Anniversary in Italy: May 2007
Lake Garda Arrival:
Driving to Lake Garda from Venice was much quicker and easier than expected. Leaving Venice its just one main
road more than 60 percent of the way. Heading up the North West side of the lake was confusing with 20
"roundabouts" but we managed. The lake was beautiful and the snow topped mountains made for an enjoyable trip
to our hotel.

It was quite difficult to find our hotel. I wished I would’ve known. I had my map and GPS navigation but there were no
signs telling us were to go. Villa Feltrinelli is very peaceful and secluded and for that reason so we knew we were
close. The map appeared to want us to head in a direction which was closed for road work. Finding the small
unpaved alternate route was quite a nuisance. Though we finally arrived near 5pm.

As we pulled up to the gated entrance we did not know what to expect or do. We drove to the closed gate and rang
the bell. We could see down the road and through that the hotel was down by the lake. Upon pushing the buzzer and
announcing our name they opened the gate and we proceeded down the winding roadway with beautiful
landscaping. As we pulled up thankfully in our "nicer" rental car we were overwhelmed. It was marvelous! The staff
greeted us outside with flowers and a welcome drink. They spoke English as if it were their primary language.

The foyer was marvelous filled with priceless antiques. We know were may have been a bit out of our league staying
here but we felt right at home. Upon walking to our room called the "Orientale" we marveled at the architecture in the
main building. Our actual room exceeded 40 sq meters. It included three rooms, bedroom bath and walk in closet.
The closet was bigger than mine at home. Our room was truly magnificent. The largest room I've ever had in my life.
The linens and decor was just as the name implied...oriental in design. It was elegant and romantic. The linens were
all Egyptian cotton. The large TV included a DVD player where we could borrow a movie if we wanted. They had a
decent selection. Both the bath and bedroom had separate surround sound with 9+ selections of preset music (jazz,
opera, classical, pop, relaxing etc).

The bath was also white marble and included the best rain shower I've ever used. My long hair could be washed and
conditioned in record time! Having music in the bath was nice!  They also had magnificent window shutters. There
were often two or three sets per window. One that opened like pocket doors (guess they'd be pocket windows) one
that opened in and a set of shutters outside. I wish our windows at home were made like this it was really incredible!

They have an unpacking service (which wasn't necessary for us) and they launder and iron all clothes for free. The
minibar included numerous beverages, wine and champagne all included for free. They provide food and special
requests to the room for free (we found out when we saw our less than anticipated bill). There were three phones in
our room. Everything you could possibly imagine.

While sitting lakeside on the grounds someone was always there to serve you. They never bothered you and most of
the time you didn't know they were there. Laying poolside was a treat with wonderful drinks offered, treats, and
sorbets to keep you cool. You don’t sign anything on the grounds. You don’t need to show a room card, you simply
tell they the room name. It was incredible. I got an outdoor massage by the water. They even massaged my face it
was wonderful. They offered laptops for guests to use in the library for free internet access. They really make you
feel at home. The Villa served breakfast outside on the terrace beside the lake. They made the best omelet’s  I’ve
ever eaten. By Far!                                                                        (Photo below taken just after breakfast)
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