Natalie & Chris's vacation to Italy: August 2007
3 days in Capri:
We booked a lovely deluxe room in the Grand Hotel Quisisana arriving August 29th,
departing September 1st, 2007.  

Departing Rome is always easy and sad. We truly love that city.  I can’t remember what time
we actually departed but we did get an older train, not the fast newer one as I had hoped.  
We were running late as usual.  We bought two first class tickets but it really didn’t feel that
the accommodations were better. We spent most of the 90 minute ride watching Bones
since we had finished Six Feet Under. We sat across from an American couple on their
“delayed” honeymoon. We arrived to Naples and navigated the train station cautiously. I
kept asking Chris to stay behind me since we heard about thefts, but he kept leaving me in
the dust lol.  We took a taxi from the train to Molo Beverello Port.  The taxi driver was so
nice and friendly. We took the hydrofoil instead of the ferry since it was quicker to Capri.  
The Isle of Capri
Italy Trip report August 24 - September 4, 2007

Walking into our hotel was exciting. It was a glamorous and elegant Mediterranean hotel. We had a deluxe room on
the pool side for three nights.  It included breakfast (although the menu was scarce). The bed linens were all
Egyptian cotton. It was definitely one of the most comfortable beds we’ve ever slept in next to Villa Feltrinelli.  The
room was enormous.  I could not have imagined a larger room. It had a large king bed, white sofa, desk and chair
and plenty of space for a 3 more couches. It was spacious on the ground level. There was an outdoor terrace the
size of my kitchen with a table and 2 chairs, plus another 2 large lounge chairs. It was incredible and better than I
imagined.  There was in room internet which we used often.  

Afternoon and DINNER:
Wednesday August 29th, our first day in Capri (FIFTH total)
We called Koren and Adam and planned to meet them later in the afternoon.  We had lunch poolside at the
Quisisana. I had this delicious lobster salad.  During lunch we were sitting just beside guests by the pool and couldn’t
help but hear talk of a big wedding taking place this weekend.  Apparently season one of the Apprentice winner Bill
Rancic and Giuliana Depandi were getting married.  Bill was apparently in the pool talking about how difficult it was to
fly over with all the heavy luggage, including suitcases filled with menu’s and wedding supplies.  Giuliana is originally
from Naples and wanted to get married here.  Bill had mentioned she was in the spa getting her hair done while he
was relaxing poolside.  It was quite interesting to have such a close seat to hear Bill as he talked about his bride and
her prior work experience.  After lunch, we met Koren and Adam.  I gave her an outfit to wear and we proceed to go
shopping for her.  Capri was probably the most expensive place to buy clothes but she really needed a few things
bathing suit included.  We had dinner together (cant remember where), and we enjoyed lemoncello.  Afterward, we
had a nice buzz and walked past this small alleyway to discover music coming from “Qube Café”.  We ended up
dancing the night away in this TINY bar with fun dance and rap music. I learned Koren’s “gun show” where she flexes
and kisses her bicep. I joined right in on that fun!  It was a great night of vodka martini’s and my rendition of Borat
(Sasha Baron Cohen). I was hissing and clawing and many other embarrassing things which I vaguely remember.  I
paid the price dearly the rest of the trip.

Thursday August 30th (SIXTH total)
I woke up feeling just awful, but luckily room service was waiting.  Koren and Adam came to our hotel to lay poolside
for the afternoon. I was so glad, because I was not in great shape and needed to lay out and relax.  We order lunch
and drinks to rejuvenate my system! Later we went to her hotel to change for dinner.  When I got dressed Chris
made a few jokes about my short green tube top dress. Which was not very funny. The four of us were shopping for
sunglasses for Adam. We ended up getting this hot pair of prada sunglasses for Adam.  I ended up shopping
unexpectedly for myself and purchased exquisite gold rhinestone sunglasses made by Sospiri, which immediately
cheered me up.  I found this little boutique store which sold jewelry, belts and bags.  I got a few things there as well.  
The owner of the sunglass store had recommended this lovely Cliffside restaurant for dinner, which we all enjoyed
immensely.  It was a great night!

Friday August 31st (SEVENTH total)
Our last day in Capri, we were determined to see the Blue Grotta with Adam and Koren before heading to Positano.
However, the choppy weather didn’t allow for visitors by boat.  Since I don’t swim, we didn’t end up seeing it.  Sigh!     
I’m hoping it’s a great reason to return in the future.   It was a little cloudy so we went to “back” to lunch and this little
restaurant which had the most delicious gnocchi.  They were as good as the gnocchi’s we had in Venice.  Koren and
I ordered it and nick named gnocchi’s "yummy’s" since it’s easier to pronounce.  We took a taxi to Anacapri and
walked around shopping.  It was a nice area, but we preferred staying in Capri town over Anacapri.  It was charming
and very casual. I love the chic upscale atmosphere in Capri better.  Bill Rancic and Giuiliana were filming their
wedding weekend in the streets of Anacapri so we followed casually
towards the church where they had their rehearsal.  hehe
Later we went to her hotel room and as a joke I told her to lay in
her bath tub and I would photograph her.  I mentioned I would
photoshop gnocchi in the bath tub as a joke when I got home to
NY.  Which I did as you can see below. Looks pretty good right!